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              Automatic cutting

              Company profile

              Company profile

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              Founded in 1995, the company's main business is welding automation equipment research and development, production and sales. As a total solution provider of welding automation, the company's products include welding robot complete sets of equipment, welding automation equipment and all-position pipe welding equipment, and widely used in engineering machinery, petrochemical, rail transportation, mining machinery, shipbuilding, aerospace and other high-end equipment manufacturing and other important sectors of the national economy.

              After more than a decade of development, the company has formed a complete industrial chain including design, research and development, process technology, unit products, complete sets of equipment, automated production lines and after-sales service, and has become a complete industrial chain in the fields of welding automation, Quality control, project experience and bear the robot automation major national science and technology development projects with strong competitive advantage of enterprises.

              The company is a national high-tech enterprise Torch Program, with Jiangsu Province Welding Automation Engineering Technology Research Center, Jiangsu Province, Welding Automation High Technology Research Key Laboratory. In recent years, the company has taken a number of national and provincial scientific research projects in the field of industrial robots and welding automation equipment, participated in, drafted and formulated relevant national standards.

              The company will be adhering to the "Huaiwai Hui, perseverance," the cultural concept of creating national automation welding world brand!

              HUAHENG Welding CO., Ltd.


              portrait-icon-21393.png Contact: David Piao

              Email-icon-greyscale-transparent-background-300x300.png Email: Sales@huahengweld.com    

              black-globe-icon-hi.png Website:www.mhe-lyrics.com

              pin-8-512.png Address:No.99 North Wusongjiang Road, Kunshan, Suzhou, Jiangsu, ChinaPR 215300

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