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              Automatic cutting

              Company profile

              Company honors

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              Honorary title:

              Key High-Tech Enterprise of China Torch Program

              1st-Batch Innovative Enterprises in Jiangsu

              Key Enterprise for IP Strategy Promotion Plan in Jiangsu

               Huaheng CNC welding/cutting equipment awarded the title of Jiangsu Famous Brand Product

               1st-Batch Small/Medium-Sized Innovation Enterprise in Jiangsu

               Pilot Unit for National IP Work of Enterprises and Insititutions

              Industry office:

              China Welding Association executive director units

              China Electronics Industry Association welder branch vice president of units

              China Workers Welding Technology Association executive director units

              China Petroleum Engineering Construction Association welding technology director unit

               Award-winning products:

              "Plate welding robot complete sets of equipment" won the 2010 Jiangsu Province outstanding new product Gold Award.

               "High-performance CNC pipe welding system" won the 2009 Jiangsu province science and technology progress prize two.

               "Full position automatic tube welding technology and equipment" won the 2009 Suzhou City Science and Technology Progress Award.

               "Automatic welding gun" won the 2009 Jiangsu Province outstanding patent product award.

               "Huaheng multi-task real-time control system software" won the 2008 Jiangsu Province Excellent Software Product Award (Jinhui Award).

               "PTM Longitudinal Seam Welding System" won the third prize of Jiangsu Science and Technology Progress Award in 2007.


              portrait-icon-21393.png Contact: David Piao

              Email-icon-greyscale-transparent-background-300x300.png Email: Sales@huahengweld.com    

              black-globe-icon-hi.png Website:www.mhe-lyrics.com

              pin-8-512.png Address:No.99 North Wusongjiang Road, Kunshan, Suzhou, Jiangsu, ChinaPR 215300

              Company VR panorama