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              Robot intelligent manufacturing


              Standing Committee of China Petroleum Welding held in Kunshan Huaheng

              Standing Committee of China Petroleum Welding held in Kunshan Huaheng

              Release date:2017-07-27 Author: Click:

              Huaheng won the "2012 Jiangsu Enterprise Technology Innovation Award"

              [Time: 2012-10-18]

              On October 12, 2012, Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government held the 2012 Provincial Science and Technology Innovation Conference in Nanjing. Secretary of Provincial Party Committee and Director of Provincial People's Congress Luo Zhijun, Provincial Party Secretary and Governor Li Xueyong, Party Secretary of Ministry of Science and Technology Vice Minister Wang Zhigang attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Governor Assistant to the Provincial Science and Technology Department Xu Nanping read the provincial government's recognition of the decision to grant Kunshan Huaheng Welding Co., Ltd. and other 17 companies in 2012 "Enterprise Technology Innovation Award in Jiangsu Province", Mr. Xu Xujiong, chairman of the Board attended the meeting, And accept the provincial leaders award.

              The enterprises that won the Enterprise Technology Innovation Award of Jiangsu Province all made outstanding contributions to accelerating the construction of innovative provinces in Jiangsu in implementing innovation-driven strategies and promoting scientific and technological innovation projects. This is the second award of Jiangsu Enterprise Technology Innovation Award since 2011.

              Huaheng won the "2012 Jiangsu Enterprise Technology Innovation Award"

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