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              Robot intelligent manufacturing


              Jiangsu Provincial Key Laboratory of Welding Automation Equipment High Technology Research and Kunshan Huaheng Engineering Center Inauguration

              Jiangsu Provincial Key Laboratory of Welding Automation Equipment High Technology Research and Kunshan Huaheng Engineering Center Inauguration

              Release date:2017-07-27 Author: Click:

              [Time: 2010-06-20]

              June 17, 2010, Kunshan Huaheng company usher in another event: Jiangsu Provincial Key Laboratory of Welding Automation Equipment and High Technology Research Center Kunshan Huaheng Inauguration. Ku'anshan Municipal People's Government Governor Guan Aiguo, Tsinghua University Pan Jiluan academicians, Harbin Institute of Technology Professor Wu Lin and the International Welding Association vice chairman, Professor Chen Qiang, vice president of China Welding Society and other provincial and municipal leaders and experts, scholars, business representatives of about 150 Participated in this event.

                  At the inauguration of Kunshan Huaheng Engineering Technology Center, Xu Xujiong, Chairman of the Board, delivered a welcome speech and briefed the guests about the engineering and technology center.

                  Jiangsu Provincial Key Laboratory of Welding Automation Equipment and High-tech Research and Kunshan Huaheng Engineering Center, Jiangsu Provincial Science and Technology Department in accordance with "national long-term science and technology development plan," proposed the construction of enterprises as the mainstay, a combination of technology innovation System, established in 2009 in the province as the first enterprise-based, the use of independent legal entities operate through the provision of social technology services to maintain laboratory operation and development of science and technology innovation foundation platform. Huaheng Engineering Technology Center has jointly established well-known laboratories such as Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Nanchang University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Southeast University, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, and Tsinghua Yangtze River Delta Research Institute in Zhejiang Province, providing technical guarantee for the constant innovation of Huaheng Enterprise.

                  With the support of the national, provincial and municipal governments, Huaheng Engineering Technology Center has undertaken a number of national major projects, 863 projects and national torch plans, national key scientific and technological innovation programs, national science and technology innovation funds for small and medium-sized enterprises, and major scientific and technological achievements of the province Transformation of funds, the provincial software special fund, the provincial focus on technological innovation projects, Huaheng development of welding automation equipment provincial-level technical appraisal, technical performance has reached the international advanced level, with patents, software copyright more than 100 and 10 countries and provincial high-tech Products, by a number of provinces and cities Science and Technology Progress Award, Mayor Innovation Award.

                  Yan Li, deputy secretary of Suzhou Municipal Committee and Mayor Yan Li, came to Huahong Company for investigation on the day before the ceremony and congratulated Huaheng Engineering Technology Center in advance. He said Huaheng Company, under the correct leadership of Kunshan municipal party committee and municipal government, Over the years adhere to pioneering and innovative, forge ahead, become China's welding industry outstanding enterprises, Kunshan and even Suzhou economic transformation and upgrading made an important contribution, I hope Huaheng company continue to carry forward the spirit of innovation, engineering and technology center building completed, the provincial key laboratories comprehensive Operation as a new starting point, highlighting the main welding industry, to strengthen talent lead, accelerate innovation and development, bigger and stronger company strength, to promote sound and rapid economic development in Kunshan and Suzhou to provide strong scientific and technological support.

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