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              Robot intelligent manufacturing


              Ship welding power supply development trend

              Ship welding power supply development trend

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              Ship welding power supply development trend

              Looking forward to the 21st century, it will become a reality that the latest achievements in the most advanced high-tech contemporary fields, such as computer numerical control, microelectronics, information sensing, industrial robots, plasma and high-energy beam physics, will be widely used in welding technology.

               In the early 90s, China's electric welding machine manufacturing industry set off a "power revolution", when there are hundreds of welding machine manufacturers have launched, development, sales of inverter power supply, at the same time there are many media, Satisfy the status quo from the rotary DC arc welding power supply into the thyristor welding power supply and satisfy the market share brought by "domestic fixed-point", "imported production line" (SCR power supply), etc., and also suspect the inverter power supply Attitude, some foreign counterparts with expert tone with ulterior motives continue to tell Chinese counterparts, "Do not blindly engage in inverter welding machine," China even with a test IGBT parameters of the equipment are not how to produce IGBT inverter welding machine? So talk.

                  It is true that the introduction of a new technology will bring greater risks, to remind you not to rush into mass production is correct, but the consequences of a coax will be sent to China's traditional welding machine manufacturing many traditional enterprises, in such a The new time comes when new technologies come into being, and we only use positive guidance and summaries to discuss and encourage them to constantly make mistakes in their development and continuously achieve success in innovation.

              At present, there are many welding machine manufacturers in China after nearly 10 years of unremitting efforts to master the characteristics of different brands of IGBT on the IGBT manufacturing technology, quality products, sales channels, many of the inverter power supply design Links and problems can be suitable for China's working conditions, so that the inverter welding power has developed into a multi-species, multi-series of the brand. At the same time the price on the market gradually declined, so that the performance of the welding machine and the price advantage is increasingly obvious.

              The outlook is behind. From Table 1 shows China's "Ninth Five-Year Plan" to 2000, the composition of welding machines and welding production structure in Japan in 1991 to compare the two are close, indicating that our welding equipment to Japan 10 years behind.

              2 ship welding power supply development trend

              Arc welding power supply is one of the important production equipment in the shipbuilding industry. The workload of arc welding in ship construction accounts for about 30% of the total construction time, and welding equipment is also the main energy consumption equipment in shipyard production. Therefore, the promotion and application of high quality and low energy consumption The welding equipment is an important aspect of the development of efficient welding technology.

              60s due to silicon rectification, thyristors and other semiconductor devices, first of all in the United States, Germany, Japan and other advanced countries on the access to the welding power source.

              In the 1970s, many countries carried out high-frequency semiconductor devices and developed pulse-width-modulated integrated circuits in the United States and Japan, basically confirming the operating frequency of about 20 KHz.

              After the 1980s, Germany, the United States, Japan and other countries have developed insulated gate high-power FET, and later successfully developed insulated gate bipolar transistor or IGBT tube. Now IGBT module has been developed to high voltage (3.3KV) high current (2000A), intelligent module (IPM) with drive and current, voltage protection and other functions of the module (IPM), the current part of the inverter arc welding power supply has been with the computer technology Combination, to multi-functional, intelligent modular direction.

              Present situation and development of marine arc welding power supply in China

               China's shipbuilding industry in the 60-70 years the main welding process is manual arc welding and submerged arc welding two unified the world, and manual arc welding accounted for more than 75%, so the welding power is largely rotary DC arc welding machine and Exchange welder two kinds, to the 80's due to the shipbuilding industry began to build export ship, in order to speed up the progress of shipbuilding to improve the quality of welding, for which the establishment of the Chinese shipbuilding industry in 1986 efficient welding technology group, the steering group conducted a survey after the co-ordination Planning, classification guidance, the overall promotion of the principle. In the selection of welding equipment and updates clearly pointed out to be phased out rotary arc welder, replaced by the selection of energy-efficient and efficient welding equipment. With more than 10 years of continuous promotion of the shipyard welding equipment composition ratio tends to be reasonable, can be seen from Table 2 shipyard's development focus is CO2 gas shielded welder.

              Table 1, China and Japan constitute the ratio of welding machine

              National Year of the manual arc welding automatic and semi-automatic arc welding machine resistance welding machine special sets of welding equipment

              Rotary DC welding machine Rectifier welding AC welder

              China 2000 4% 21% 42% 25% 7.5% 0.5%

              Japan 1991 19% 19.4% 21.5% 33.1% 6.8% 0.2%

              Table 2 shipyard welder equipment composition ratio

              Year rotating welding machine Rectifier welder AC welding machine submerged arc welding machine CO2 welder

              2002 2.08% 21.41% 10.32% 4.83% 31.24%

              2001 6.5% 24.88% 11.47% 6.18% 27.33%

              2000 9.11% 22.25% 22.67% 4.37% 38.89%

               It is estimated that in the shipbuilding system, it will be possible to completely eliminate energy-consuming rotary DC arc welding machines at the end of the "Tenth Five-year Plan" period and replace them with energy-efficient welding machines.

               According to the steering group's survey of 26 shipyards, there were only 321 inverter welders in various shipyards in 1998. According to the classification, there were 243 hand-operated welders, 40 CO2 welders, and 38 TIG welders , According to inverter welding machine using high-power switching device classification, thyristor inverter welder 209, IGBT inverter welder 110, transistor and FET inverter welder 2.

              From the application of inverter welding machine point of view, more and more effective use of Jiangnan Shipyard, Chongqing Shipyard, Guangzhou Shipyard International, Jiangnan plant is mainly used for large-scale engineering welding. The application of inverter welding machine, but less effective Xijiang Shipyard and Gui Jiang Shipyard, due to the loss of welder damage and repeated repairs reflect the poor reliability of the welder, the main application in the welding laboratory, a small amount of production applications. As can be seen from the survey, most of the shipyards at that time had an anxiety over the promotion and application of inverter welding machines. They were eager to make their efforts to improve the reliability of inverter welding machine manufacturers and to provide excellent products and products with confidence. Inverter welding machine reliability has greatly improved, its promotion and application in the shipbuilding industry is bound to develop rapidly, but some comrades still think that inverter welding machine is more delicate, whether it can withstand the shipyard bad welding conditions The test is skeptical. From the survey can draw the following four salient features:

              (1) Most of TIG welders are transistor inverter welders, most of which are IGBT inverter welders. Both manual welding machine thyristor inverter welding machine, and IGBT inverter welding machine.

              (2) Reflected more problems are produced before 1995, thyristor inverter welding machine, reflecting the better is the last two years of inverter welding machine.

              (3) Larger quantities and good results are imported and domestic inverter welding machine produced by a few factories.

              (4) the same type of inverter welding machine, different manufacturers, the quality is different.

              Basically, it can be said that there is a certain foundation for the promotion and application of a shipyard after a period of time. However, the process of promotion and application must be gradual and step by step. Inverter welding power supply has become internationally recognized as the most advanced welding power supply, according to domestic and foreign experts point of view inverter welding machine has 8 advantages, according to their importance can be arranged as follows: ① welding performance, fast frequency response, dynamic Good features conducive to the realization of welding automation; ② light weight 400A welder, for example, spin-on welder about 370 kilograms, thyristor welding rectifier about 200 kilograms, thyristor inverter welding machine about 70 kilograms, IGBT inverter welding machine About 40 kg; ③ high efficiency, up to 80% -90%; ④ high power factor up to 0.99; ⑤ small size; ⑥ less splashing reliable pilot; ⑦ welding speed;

               Of course, inverter welding machine to become a replacement shipyard products, in addition to the advanced features described above, but also should have the ship welding process required for adaptability and reliability. More importantly, the shipyard should be assured of reliability in terms of reliability, be able to guarantee the service life of more than 8 years, and the rework rate will be reduced to about 1%. In addition, the price should be competitive.

              After the development of inverter welding machine in our country, after 93-94 years of "inverse heat" gradually went to the more normal development status at present, a group of enterprises tested out of "reverse heat" have realized clearly that the development of inverter welding machine Long-term, arduous and complex. Only solidly re-develop and improve the technical process, pay close attention to product quality, especially reliability, based on the market in an undefeated position.

              After our shipbuilding industry highly efficient welding technical guidance group of experts in-depth study agreed that the shipyard to promote the use of inverter welding machine is the development direction, promotion and application of a certain basis, we can expect, with the continuous improvement of inverter welding quality, Prices further decline, with its adaptation to the needs of the shipyard welding process improvement, inverter welding machine in the shipyard to promote the use of a jumpy development. Due to the wide application of inverter welding machine will inevitably lead to greatly improve the modernization of welding equipment. Which will have a significant impact on shortening the shipbuilding cycle, improving shipbuilding quality, improving economic efficiency and improving working conditions.

              4 a few ideas

              (1) In order to promote the application of inverter welding machine in shipyards, we must first increase the propaganda of inverter welding machine, introduce the performance characteristics of inverter welding machine truthfully, because only the inverter welding machine is comprehensive, Correct understanding of the correct selection and promotion inverter welder, from the current lesson point of view, choose the right to promote the application will be successful, otherwise suffer setbacks. In the process of using inverter welding machine can be used four to see the experience of the second test that is used to see the quality of production plants and components used to purchase channels to see the manufacturing equipment and testing equipment to see the production process and management level to see sales and maintenance services The internet. The second test, the test reliability, adaptability test, test inverter welding machine must withstand the test of time, withstand the harsh shipyard production environment test.

               (2) At present, most shipyards are still in the trial stage for the application of inverter welding machines. However, the application of a few shipyard inverter welding machines has started to rise. We must conscientiously sum up the experience and promote it throughout the entire ship system.

              (3) As a manufacturer of welding machine, it is necessary to clearly see that there is a bright future for the promotion and application of the inverter welding machine in the shipyard. However, it is necessary to have long-term, arduous and complicated ideas and preparations. We are convinced that there will be no hardship in the world as long as it is willing to climb. To work closely with the shipyard partners to jointly win the win-win results.

              (4) At present, shipyards are making great efforts to promote the application of CO2 welding technology. This is exactly what inverter welding machines can play. It is suggested that shipyards should focus on the promotion of IGBT inverter CO2 welder when choosing CO2 welding equipment.

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