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              Robot intelligent manufacturing




              Release date:2018-02-27 Author: HUAHENG Click:

              In order to affirm the highly skilled personnel engaged in first-line positions, adhere to the ordinary but not mediocre jobs, to further stimulate staff enthusiasm, initiative and creativity, in the company to promote staff dedication of the craftsman spirit. On February 5, 2018, Kunshan Huaheng Welding Co., Ltd. held the 2017 "Huaheng Craftsmen's Commendation" at Dongfeng Road Plant. Mr. Xu Xujiong, chairman of Huaheng, relevant department heads and departmental representatives attended this commendation ceremony.

              Chairman Xu Xujiong delivered an important speech on "Artisan Spirit" at the conference. Manager Wang Caihong of Human Resources Department announced the list of selected 2017 Hua Hua craftsmen and introduced their work deeds. The leaders awarded Hua Heng craftsmen honorary certificates and Flowers. Yuan Chuan-biao as a representative of Hua Heng craftsman delivered a speech.

              The award ceremony not only gives encouragement and encouragement to the honored employees, but also carries forward the "craftsmanship" from the front to all the staff and looks forward to the new Hua Hua Craftsman coming out in the next year.

              2017 Huaheng craftsman award ceremony

              2017 Huaheng craftsman award ceremony

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