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              Robot intelligent manufacturing


              Chang Sha HUAHENG - - Dream, the continuation of developing

              Chang Sha HUAHENG - - Dream, the continuation of developing

              Release date:2020-10-07 Author: HUAHENG Click:

              Chang Sha HUAHENG - - Dream, the continuation of developing


              Recently had the opportunity to go to Changsha Huaheng Robotics Systems Co., Ltd., which is located in Liuyang High-tech Development Zone manufacturing base, is the leading intelligent logistics and intelligent welding equipment integrators. Since its establishment in 2009, has been providing customers with palletizers, lifters, moving robots, conveyor lines, intelligent robots and other welding equipment.


              Changsha HUAHENG ---- a French building, divided into A, B, a total area of about 27,000 , there are offices, conference rooms, reception rooms, entertainment rooms, such as more than 30 rooms, has become a unique landscape of Liuyang High-tech Development Zone.


              The building, simple shape reveals a sense of Unpretentious, clear lines show a sense of structure, contour in nature, color dotting in nature, patio lighting ventilation fusion in nature, giving a simple and temperamental, practical and romantic experience.


              However, no one knows why Mr. Xu chairman of Huaheng, chose French-style architecture. That's because it contains the founder of Huaheng's endless entrepreneurial passion, lighting up his vision for career development, and his yearning for a better future. Today, this French building, which stands on the banks of the Liuyang River, tells the inspirational story of a difficult business in France--- when he studied in France more than 30 years ago, he dreamed of building a French-style building in China. Now the dream has come true.


              HUAHENG enterprise - Changsha HUAHENG after more than 20 years of arduousness process, years of arduous struggle. In the field of welding automation has accumulated a certain strength, in the field of robot system integration has accumulated successful experience, in the field of intelligent logistics in practice has won a market position, in the development and application of 5G technology to accumulate energy. Today's HUAHENG has an absolute leading comprehensive advantage in intelligent manufacturing.

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