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              GTX53 high pressure pipe welding system

              • GTX53 high pressure pipe welding system
              • http://www.mhe-lyrics.com/en/data/images/product/20170919162405_153.jpg
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              • Description
              • Performance
              • Parameters

              The system is a special system of welding pipe / TIG pipe flange design, applicable to the general form of the pipe flange Automatic welding . According to the welding process needs to achieve a single position or all position welding; welding butt welding fillet welding, can also choose; self fluxing, filler wire or wire after first self fluxing, convenient operation, rapid and labor-saving. Can be placed in a vertical type can also be placed in a horizontal and a variety of functions. The machine can be programmed with iArc400408 welding power supply supporting the use of suitable locomotives, construction machinery and other industries and special pipe automatic welding pipe flange form.

               Automation for pipe flange form engineering machinery and locomotive welding industry;

               According to the welding process needs to be chosen by the self fluxing, filler wire or wire after first self fluxing, convenient operation, rapid and labor-saving;
               Can choose the vertical or horizontal welding;
               The specific folder by hand (under) the motivation behind the joystick before and after adjustment;
               The specific folder can be adjusted by hand shaking the rocker body side of the;

               Driven by DC motor imported, in the range of speed stepless speed regulation. Water, electricity, gas, all without winding line;

               The use of pneumatic clamping, the workpiece can be firmly positioned on the bench without human intervention;

               The standard structure of cold TIG gun: from behind the push to clamp the clip tight tungsten tungsten, tungsten replacement or adjustment convenient;

               No wire winding, with integral wire feeding machine, can be installed 1.0kg plate.

               With the arc length and the yaw function.

              Welding material

              Carbon steel, stainless steel

              Can pipe diameter (mm)

              The diameter of 17 ~ 76.

              Tungsten diameter (mm)

              Phi 3.2

              The rotation speed (RPM)

              From 0.28 to 5.6

              The welding torch inclination

              0 degrees to 45 degrees adjustable

              Protective gas


              Cooling mode


              The cooling flow rate (ml/min)

              More than 600

              Swing width (mm)


              Arc length height (mm)


              The wire diameter (mm)

              Phi 1 (standard)

              The maximum wire feeding speed (mm/min)

              One thousand and eight hundred

              The weight (kg)

              Two hundred and ninety

              Size (mm)

              700 x 640 x 1760


              portrait-icon-21393.png Contact: David Piao

              Email-icon-greyscale-transparent-background-300x300.png Email: Sales@huahengweld.com    

              black-globe-icon-hi.png Website:www.mhe-lyrics.com

              pin-8-512.png Address:No.99 North Wusongjiang Road, Kunshan, Suzhou, Jiangsu, ChinaPR 215300

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