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              TP060 Tube to Tube Sheet Orbital Weld Head

              • TP060 Tube to Tube Sheet Orbital Weld Head
              • http://www.mhe-lyrics.com/en/data/images/product/20170919172704_370.jpg
              • http://www.mhe-lyrics.com/en/data/images/product/20170919172709_157.jpg
              • Description
              • Performance
              • Parameters

              The torch is designed for automatic tube / tube TIG welding designed for the general form of automatic welding plate. Weldable carbon steel, stainless steel and other materials of various types of pipe / tube plate joints, mainly out of the tube, the tube flush, can be filled with wire and wire, to achieve the desired welding effect, high reproducibility. Standard small gun head, adding dragging device can be used for high protection of titanium and other metal welding requirements. For the diameter of less than 32mm tube plate commonly used locator positioning method, for the tube diameter of more than ?32mm Conventional use of flexible chuck positioning. The machine can be used with iOrbital3600, iOrbital5000 programmable welding power supply, mainly used in chemical, food, medicine, all kinds of heat exchangers, boilers, power plants and other industries.

              Pneumatic clamping positioning, so that the gun can be firmly positioned on the tube plate, without human intervention, in the true sense of desalination welder operating skills;

              With automatic arc length control device, you can also turn off automatic arc length control function, manually adjust the arc length;

              Water-cooled TIG torch standard structure, replacement or adjustment of tungsten is convenient and quick;

              Wire without winding, comes with integrated wire feeder, with 1.0kg wire tray;

              Water, electricity, gas are achieved without winding function;

              Handle equipped with operating buttons, in line with the human body design.

              Welding material

              Carbon steel, stainless steel

              Can pipe diameter o D (mm)

              More than 19.

              In the length of A (mm)


              The pipe wall thickness (mm).

              From 1 to 2.5

              Tube plate form

              Tube plug, Guan Pingqi

              Tungsten diameter (mm)

              Of the 2.4

              The rotation speed (RPM)

              From 0.37 to 7.39

              Arc length adjustment distance (mm)



              Cooling mode


              The cooling flow rate (ml/min)

              More than 300

              The weight (kg)

              11 (excluding cable)

              Size (mm)

              570 x 290 x 510

               technical parameter


              portrait-icon-21393.png Contact: David Piao

              Email-icon-greyscale-transparent-background-300x300.png Email: Sales@huahengweld.com    

              black-globe-icon-hi.png Website:www.mhe-lyrics.com

              pin-8-512.png Address:No.99 North Wusongjiang Road, Kunshan, Suzhou, Jiangsu, ChinaPR 215300

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