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<![CDATA[Girth welding tooling]]> <![CDATA[MONITOR MIG Welding Machine]]> <![CDATA[MONITOR TIG Welding Machine]]> <![CDATA[IOrbital2000 digital welding power source]]> <![CDATA[IOrbital1200 digital welding power source]]> <![CDATA[TC series Closed Chamber Orbital Weld Head]]> <![CDATA[iOrbital 5000 Programmable Welding Powersource]]> <![CDATA[IOrbital401 controlled welding power source]]> <![CDATA[TOK series of all position pipe welding torch]]> <![CDATA[TOA series Open Type Orbital Weld Head]]> <![CDATA[TOA50 (for Narrow Gap) Open Type Orbital Weld Head]]> <![CDATA[AutoCar Orbital Welding System]]> <![CDATA[Car system in MIGTRACK60 welding]]> <![CDATA[IOrbital600 hot wire welding power control]]> <![CDATA[iOrbital401 programmable welding power supply]]> <![CDATA[Narrow gap TIG welding system]]> <![CDATA[Narrow gap MIG welding system]]> <![CDATA[iOrbital 4000 Programmable Welding Powersource]]> <![CDATA[T66 tube to tube sheet Orbital Weld Head]]> <![CDATA[T80 Tube to Tube Sheet Orbital Weld Head]]> <![CDATA[T8 Tube to Tube Sheet Orbital Weld Head]]> <![CDATA[TP040 Tube to Tube Sheet Orbital Weld Head]]> <![CDATA[TP8 Tube to Tube Sheet Orbital Weld Head]]> <![CDATA[TP060 Tube to Tube Sheet Orbital Weld Head]]> <![CDATA[TPN19 Inner Hole Orbital Weld Head]]> <![CDATA[TPN25 Inner Hole Orbital Weld Head]]> <![CDATA[TPS25 Deep Hole Orbital Weld Head]]> <![CDATA[M90 MAG tube plate welding system]]> <![CDATA[MAG tube plate welding]]> <![CDATA[GTX53 high pressure pipe welding system]]> <![CDATA[TPF03 Manipulator]]> <![CDATA[Balanced Hanger]]> <![CDATA[The external wire feeding machine]]> <![CDATA[QC-4000 Pipe cutting machine(桅12- 桅100)]]> <![CDATA[TSM-1000]]> <![CDATA[TSM-1500]]> <![CDATA[TSM-1501M]]> <![CDATA[TSM-3001M]]> <![CDATA[TSM-4500M]]> <![CDATA[TSM-6000]]> <![CDATA[PBM-2500]]> <![CDATA[PBM-4500]]> <![CDATA[PBM-6000]]> <![CDATA[PBM-8000]]> <![CDATA[PBM-12000]]> <![CDATA[PBM-1224]]> <![CDATA[Desktop Tungsten Grinder]]> <![CDATA[Portable Tungsten Grinder]]> <![CDATA[Light electric tube expander]]> <![CDATA[Portable tube expander]]> <![CDATA[2-24" Pipe Spool Prefabrication Line]]> <![CDATA[2-14]]> <![CDATA[Integrated Cutting And Beveling Machine Pipe Preparation Line]]> <![CDATA[Precise Cold Cutting Beveling Production Line For 8-24]]> <![CDATA[Open Headstock Pipe Spool Welding Station]]> <![CDATA[Headstock Pipe Welding Station]]> <![CDATA[Press Roller Welding Station]]> <![CDATA[Hollow Positioner Pipe Welding Station]]> <![CDATA[Pipe Welding Station Type A]]> <![CDATA[Pipe Welding Station Type B]]> <![CDATA[Container-design Pipe Cut/bevel Preparation Work Station]]> <![CDATA[Straight Pipe-flange Four Heads Welding Station]]> <![CDATA[Container-design Pipe Spool Welding Work Station]]> <![CDATA[CNC Profile Cutting System]]> <![CDATA[Length Measurement Conveyer System]]> <![CDATA[Pipe Unloading Conveyer For Band Saw Or Beveling]]> <![CDATA[Transporter]]> <![CDATA[3-axis CNC Edge Beveling Machine]]> <![CDATA[Pipe Multifunctional fit-up machine]]> <![CDATA[Welding Station Structural Compoent: Open Headstock]]> <![CDATA[Headstock-Tailstock]]> <![CDATA[Tilting/fixed Press Roller Pipe Positioner]]> <![CDATA[Titlting Pipe Positioner]]> <![CDATA[Hollow Tilting Positioner]]> <![CDATA[Automatic pipe welding manipulator(type A)]]> <![CDATA[Automatic pipe welding manipulator(type B)]]> <![CDATA[Automatic pipe welding manipulator(type C)]]> <![CDATA[Pipe Supporter]]> <![CDATA[High Speed Band Saw]]> <![CDATA[HPT400 Plasma Torch]]> <![CDATA[HPT400 Plasma Torch Cover]]> <![CDATA[HPT500 Plasma Torch]]> <![CDATA[HPT500 Plasma Torch Cover]]> <![CDATA[Dual Water Cooling MIG/PAW Torch]]> <![CDATA[Automatic TIG Torch]]> <![CDATA[TIG Torch Cover]]> <![CDATA[TIG/PAW Wire Feeder]]> <![CDATA[2D Wire Feeding Frame]]> <![CDATA[3D Wire Feeding Frame]]> <![CDATA[Monitoring system]]> <![CDATA[Motorized Slider]]> <![CDATA[Manual cross slide]]> <![CDATA[Welding controller]]> <![CDATA[RC5 cooling water tank]]> <![CDATA[Padded water tank]]> <![CDATA[High-frequency arc starter]]> <![CDATA[Lifting trolley]]> <![CDATA[Turn Table]]> <![CDATA[Positioners]]> <![CDATA[HGJ Rotators]]> <![CDATA[HCJ Column and Boom]]> <![CDATA[HWH Circumferential Seamer锛埾?00mm)]]> <![CDATA[HWH Circumferential Seamer 锛埾?00mm)]]> <![CDATA[HLM Track and Carriage Seamer]]> <![CDATA[HP Sheet to Sheet Seamer]]> <![CDATA[HL Longitudinal Seam Welding System]]> <![CDATA[Painting Robot]]> <![CDATA[Heavy Duty Robot]]> <![CDATA[Automated Guided Vehicle(AGV)]]> <![CDATA[Rail Guided Vehicle(RGV)]]> <![CDATA[2 Axes Positioner]]> <![CDATA[L Type Positioner]]> <![CDATA[Headstock and Tailstock]]> <![CDATA[Gantry (X,Y,Z)]]> <![CDATA[C Frame]]> <![CDATA[Ground Linear Rail]]> <![CDATA[KR5 ARC]]> <![CDATA[KR6 ARC]]> <![CDATA[KR16]]> <![CDATA[KR16L6]]> <![CDATA[M-20ia]]> <![CDATA[Compact Cell One]]> <![CDATA[Compact Cell Two]]> <![CDATA[Compact Cell Three]]> <![CDATA[Compact Cell Four]]> <![CDATA[Compact Cell Five]]> <![CDATA[Compact Cell Six]]> <![CDATA[Compact Cell Seven]]> <![CDATA[Compact Cell Eight]]> <![CDATA[Compact Cell Nine]]> <![CDATA[Compact Cell Ten]]> <![CDATA[2017 "Huaheng craftsman" commendation ceremony]]> <![CDATA[Kunshan Huaheng Automation Welding Technology Conference - Zhangjiagang Station]]> <![CDATA[Pipeline TIG welding hot wire method" won the second prize of outstanding patent in Suzhou]]> <![CDATA[The well-known manufacturer of automated welding factory stationed in Kunshan Huaheng]]> <![CDATA["Intelligent robot manufacturing platform" Kunshan site will be held in Huaheng]]> <![CDATA[Kunshan Huaheng Automated Cutting Week: smart manufacturing show off their hands]]> <![CDATA[Essen Mall Industrial E-Commerce was established and 2015 Huaheng Supply Chain Management Conference was successfully held]]> <![CDATA[HUAHENG AUTOMATION PVT.LTD officially opened]]> <![CDATA[Huaheng set up "China - Wu welding technology International Joint Laboratory"]]> <![CDATA["Huaheng Technology" selected "China good design"]]> <![CDATA[Citing just gather know - Huaheng automatic welding prices held "doctor subsidy release ceremony"]]> <![CDATA[Beihang University, Nanchang Airlines 40 outstanding students were "Huaheng scholarship"]]> <![CDATA[Two decades of automated welding factory brand, two decades of customers]]> <![CDATA[Kunshan Huaheng become the first state-level intellectual property advantages of enterprises]]> <![CDATA["Intelligent Robot Manufacturing and Automation Welding (Kunshan) Training Base" was selected as the 2013 National Torch Plan - Industrialization Environment Construction Project]]> <![CDATA[Changsha Hua Heng approved "high-tech enterprises", selected "national science and technology SME Technology Innovation Fund"]]> <![CDATA[The 2013 (Kunshan) Welding and Automation Academic Forum was held in Huaheng Engineering Technology Center]]> <![CDATA[March 8 Yandang Mountain Womens Day two-day activities]]> <![CDATA[Huaheng dealer working conference held in 2013]]> <![CDATA[China Welding Association robot intelligent manufacturing (Kunshan) training base inaugurated]]> <![CDATA[Kunshan Huaheng Engineering Center hired Mr. Sun Zijian as chief engineer]]> <![CDATA[Robot intelligent manufacturing system, helping "Jiangsu-made"]]> <![CDATA[Huaheng automation welding enterprises in Jiangsu Province approved the "first set of" major equipment to promote the use of demonstration projects]]> <![CDATA[Chairman Xu Xujiong won the "Kunshan Development Zone approved the 20th anniversary of the construction hero"]]> <![CDATA[Huaheng two employees selected for the first national engineering doctor]]> <![CDATA[Premier Wen Jiabao braved the heat to Huaheng welding inspection work]]> <![CDATA[Current situation and development trend of welding power supply testing equipment]]> <![CDATA[Hua Hua Automated Welding to participate in the promotion of Beijing robot welding applications]]> <![CDATA[The fifth inspection team of the provincial delegation visited Huaheng Research and Guidance work]]> <![CDATA[Hua Heng summer happy parent-child activities held]]> <![CDATA[Zhao Hongzhu, Secretary of Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee, Liang Baohua, Governor of Jiangsu Province, inspected the company]]> <![CDATA[Ship welding power supply development trend]]> <![CDATA[China Welding Association meeting held in Kunshan Huaheng]]> <![CDATA[Lu Yongxiang again visited Hua Heng certain innovation]]> <![CDATA[Li Xueyong inspected research Huaheng praised R & D specialization]]> <![CDATA[Hua Heng approved the national intelligent manufacturing equipment special]]> <![CDATA[The latest progress of foreign welding technology]]> <![CDATA[Huaheng products debut the first China International Import Products Expo]]> <![CDATA[Spring sales agents and after-sales service training course successfully opened]]> <![CDATA[The third Huaheng maintenance service technology training class notice]]> <![CDATA[Xuzhou Huaheng welding robot project completed and put into production]]> <![CDATA[Investigation of Mayor Xu Li of Suzhou City in Huaheng Engineering Technology Center]]> <![CDATA[Jiangsu Provincial Key Laboratory of Welding Automation Equipment High Technology Research and Kunshan Huaheng Engineering Center Inauguration]]> <![CDATA[Standing Committee of China Petroleum Welding held in Kunshan Huaheng]]> <![CDATA[Welding Industry Status and Independent Innovation Strategy]]> <![CDATA[Womens Day March spring tour]]> <![CDATA[Kunshan Huaheng National Patent Examiner internship base ushered in the first batch of patent examiners]]> <![CDATA[China Workers Welding Technology Association five second council]]> <![CDATA[Xuzhou mayor Cao Xinping Xuzhou Huaheng robot application and expansion project foundation]]> <![CDATA[Development and trend of welding robot tracking technology]]> japanesemovies日本另类_年轻护士2高清中文字幕_有没有免费的片_美女疯狂连续喷潮视频